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Our launch week fixes!

October 24, 2023   —
Pandelis Zembashis Product Engineer

Wow! It’s been a hot last couple of weeks in the Cosine offices. Thanks to everyone that voted on our product hunt launch. We managed to snag a top 10 for the day and even got featured in the product hunt newsletter.

Product hunt top 10

Since our launch we’ve already released 5 and now 6 new versions to the VS Code marketplace. These have mostly all been bug fixes and patches.

Thanks to all our users reporting bugs and sharing feedback via our Discord and email. Hopefully you have noticed that the bugs you might have seen quickly disappear!

We’re also working hard to improve performance of the indexing and of course accuracy. Both those topics are incredibly important to us and that those will always be areas that we always improve.

What’s new in 1.0.6

Open VSX Registry

We recieved feedback that some of our users actually do not have access to or otherwise arent able to utilise the VS Code marketplace. Therefore to support these users we’re now publishing Cosine to both the VSCode marketplace and the Open VSX Registry!

Cosine VSX Registry page

The Open VSX Registry is a project by the Eclipse Foundation that aims to provide an open source, vendor neutral, and open contribution distribution channel for VS Code extensions. You can find out more about the Open VSX Registry here.

This means that you can now access Cosine on non VSCode platforms that support the Open VSX Registry such as Eclipse Theia and Gitpod

Sharing your cosine conversations

Our latest release also includes a new feature. Sharing.

Sharing in cosine

In your chat window you can now select the share button which will take all your conversation and create a sharable web link that you can give to your team mates. This lets you reference or generate docs with cosine and quickly share the useful output with someone asking a question or even use it as documentation.

We’d love to also see fun examples of how cosine is helping you! If you have a particularly good output or conversation with Cosine please share it with us on Twitter or our Discord!

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