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Your AI Co-Developer

Cosine understands your codebase better than you do.

Ask any question about your codebase, get explanations about any feature and get suggestions about how to write new code.

Cosine VScode extention
Search and retrieval

✦Your all knowing developer companion

  • Ask any question

    Whether it’s high-level or nuanced, Cosine can understand and provide superhuman level answers.

  • Fully contextual answers

    We're not just an LLM wrapper – we combine multiple heuristics including static analysis, semantic search and others.

  • Plan and implement new features

    Simply ask Cosine how to add a new feature or modify existing code and we’ll generate a step by step guide.

Semantic understanding
contextual understanding

Codebase understanding on a deep level

Cosine indexes and understands your codebase on multiple levels. From a graph relationship between files and functions to a deep semantic understanding of the code, Cosine can answer any question you have about your codebase.

  • Indexing
  • Semantic Search
  • Tagging
  • Relationship Graph
  • Ideate
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"I want to say it's quite the good experience, I've previously used EasyCode and Cosine is way better in user experience and reasoning for inputs. I'll undoubtedly keep using Cosine from now on"
Nickster Shovel
"I've started to use it today for work today, and it is already helping my productivity with understanding a huge codebase. Yet again, thank you for giving me access to this magnificent tool!"
Julio De Castro
"It was an amazing experience and I can see the significant potential this tool holds"
Somershwar Tripathi
"[Cosine is] a great tool for developers. It allows me to quickly and easily find the code I need, even if I can't remember the exact name of the function or class. It also provides helpful explanations of code, which makes it easier for me to understand and debug my code."
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Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cosine do?

Cosine is an AI knowledge engine that understands codebases, providing answers to coding questions, explanations of code features, and suggestions for new code

How can I install Cosine?

You can start using Cosine by trying it on an open-source repository through the website or by installing the VS Code extension available on the Visual Studio marketplace.

How is Cosine different from Copilot Chat and other AI copilots?

Whilst Copilot is at great inline code-gen, it only uses a small number of files (usually recently opened ones) to answer questions. This works great as a quick auto-complete method, but struggles to provide higher level answers for how your codebase actually works.

Cosine reads every code snippet in your codebase, which provides a super-human level of contextual semantic understanding. This means Cosine can answer complex questions, help write consistent code, and help developers be more productive.

Answers provided by Cosine should also much more closely match the style and conventions of your codebase, utilising your internal libraries and helpers where possible.

Where does Cosine send my code?

Cosine utilises OpenAI to create on the fly semantic embeddings which point to your code. This is done during initial index and in the background when you update your code. The embeddings are stored locally in a vector db on your system in a .cosine/ folder. Cosine do not store your code on our servers and the OpenAI API is configured to not submit your inputs for training to OpenAI. Cosine is a privacy focused AI agent and we have engineered the localised vector product so that you're always in control of your data.

If you would like to explore an even more locked down offering with your own keys or your own OpenAI models and tighter control of your data, don't hesitate to reach out.

Do you use my data to train your LLMs?

To provide the best product we can for our users we utilise your prompt inputs and questions to retrain and improve our LLMs.

You retain full control over wheather or not you consent Cosine using your inputs in this way. You can change this setting in the VS Code extension under the settings pannel on the top right.

We are grateful to our users that consent to analytics as it lets us improve the product every day for all our users.

If you would like to explore an even more locked down offering with your own keys or your own OpenAI models and tighter control of your data, don't hesitate to reach out.

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